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Ultra Haulers: Global Giants of the Mining Industry

Price: 16.99

Ultra Haulers: Global Giants of the Mining IndustryFor anyone who's ever stood in awe of a three-story-tall dump truck or fixed a fascinated gaze on the engineering revolution speeding mechanical vehicles into the robotic age, this book offers a close-up look at the past, present, and future of the world?s greatest hauling trucks. The author, a leading authority on mining equipment, turns an expert eye upon the biggest and best of these extraordinary vehicles as he canvasses the innovations, evolutions, and revolutions transforming heavy machinery today. From robot mining trucks to scraper tractors, from the specifics of large diesel engine developments to tire technology, from the details of truck accidents to the history of the crawler track, his understanding and enthusiasm bring the engineering triumphs of these machines to life on Ultra Haulers? every page. 160p. 115 colour ill, 25 b/w, 10 diagrams. s/b. Reduced price whilst existing stocks last.

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