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Iron & Steel Town - An Industrial History of Rotherham

Price: 12.99

Iron & Steel Town - An Industrial History of RotherhamFrom the Battle of Trafalgar to the bridges of London, and from St Paul's Cathedral to the Great Eastern steam ship, the influence of Rotherham's great industries has been felt far beyond the boundaries of Yorkshire. The great furnaces and mills made the cannon that armed Nelson's HMS Victory at Trafalgar, the castings that bridged rivers as far apart as London and Jamaica, the steel straps that were installed to stop the dome of St Paul's from falling apart, the valves used in the Mulberry harbours that made D-Day possible and the plates that clad Isambard Kingdom Brunel's Great Eastern. Rotherham-made pipes helped bring fresh water supplies to Hong Kong. The town's factories made everything from brakes for Second World War bombers to fireplaces for great houses like Wentworth Woodhouse. 128p. 100 b/w ill. s/b.

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