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Diamond T Trucks 1911-1966 Photo Archive

Price: 19.95

Diamond T Trucks 1911-1966 Photo ArchiveThe Diamond T Motor Car Company manufactured automobiles until 1911 when the first truck, purchased by a satisfied automobile customer, led to exclusive truck production and soon gained legendary status as style leaders. While The Handsomest Truck in America became a long-standing slogan, Diamond T also emphasized its engineering leadership. Builders of more than 1500 Class B Liberty trucks in World War I; Diamond T produced nearly 50,000 thousand prime movers, half-tracks, army wreckers, tank tractors, and tank movers in World War II. The late 1940s were years of peak production, but as the 1950s progressed, Diamond T found independent status problematic. The White Motor Company purchased Diamond T in 1958; moving production from Chicago to Reo's manufacturing facilities in Lansing, Michigan, in 1960, creating the Lansing Division to produce Diamond T and Reo trucks. Both Diamond T and Reo ceased to be separate trucks starting in 1967 when White's new Diamond Reo Division began producing Diamond Reo trucks. 128p. 117 b/w ill. s/b.

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