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Ice Road Truckers - Season One DVD boxed set

Price: £19.95

Ice Road Truckers  - Season One DVD boxed setThe complete Season One of this very popular series on the truckers and their trucks hauling their loads into Canada's far north during the months of winter. Itís the most perilous road in the world, a strip of ice 350 miles long built on frozen lakes connecting mining outposts in Northern Canada with civilisation. 10,000 loads, some weighing as much as 19 tonnes, will travel over the ice in an urgent race to provide critical supplies to the camps before the road melts. ICE ROAD TRUCKERS follows the competition and camaraderie of six truckers over a two month season on the ice road, as they brave white-outs, thin ice and the deadly cold to perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. From the construction of this massive frozen highway to the risky final days when the road grows unreliable, ICE ROAD TRUCKERS takes viewers on a thrilling ride in this 10 part series one. Running time 8 hours. Also available from Nynehead Books and featured on our website is Denison's Ice Roads, the illustrated book on the story and exploits of the late John Denison, pioneer of Ice Road building and the man who made it all possible.

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