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Massive Earthmoving Machines Part 1 DVD

Price: 15.95

Massive Earthmoving Machines Part 1 DVDThis programme, Part 1 in a two-part series, looks at earthmoving machines and equipment working in open-cast mines in the United States. Two locations are visited in this first programme - Belle Ayr mine, Gillette, Wyoming and Beener Coal, Barton, Maryland. In Wyoming two electric shovels are featured, which at 82 cubic metres each tie for the largest capacity machines currently operating in the world; the P&H 4100XPB and the Bucyrus 495HR. Caterpillar 797B 400-ton capacity trucks also feature. In the open-cast mine in Maryland two more machines, again the largest of their types, feature. The 1150 hp Komatsu D575A bulldozer and Bucyrus-Erie 295-BII diesel shovel. However, the programme is not just about machinery. It also deals with how these large scale mines function, from removing the overburden, coal extraction, hauling and rail transport, to the re-filling and landscaping of the site. The programme has been co-ordinated and scripted by Keith Haddock, author of many books on earthmoving equipment. A full listing of the equipment featured in this programme follows here: Electric shovels: - P&H 4100XPB, 82 cu yd dipper; Bucyrus 495HR, 82 cu yd dipper; Marion 301-M, 54 cu yd dipper; Bucyrus-Erie 295-B, 46 cu yd dipper Diesel shovel: - Bucyrus-Erie 295B series II, 35 cu yd dipper Haul trucks: - Caterpillar 797B, 380 ton capacity; Terex/Unit Rig MT5500, 360 ton capacity; Caterpillar 793B, 240 ton capacity; Unit-Rig MT4000, 240 ton capacity; Euclid R-120 and R-100, 120- and 100-ton capacities Bulldozer: - Komatsu D575A, 1,150 flywheel horsepower Other equipment: - Caterpiller 24H motor grader; Caterpillar 854G rubber-tyred dozer; Caterpillar 5130 hydraulic backhoe; Unit-Rig MT3700 water tanker; Drilltech D55SP diesel-powered drill; Conveyors, silo and coal train; Fiat-Allis 945-B wheel loader; Tri-axle trucks; Rock crushing and screening plant. Running time approx. 70 minutes. This programme will be available in towards then end of May. BUY BOTH MASSIVE EARTHMOVING MACHINES PROGRAMMES FOR 29.95 - PLEASE ORDER VIA OUR SPECIAL OFFERS CATEGORY IF YOU WISH PURCHASE THE TWO PROGRAMMES

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