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Massive Earthmoving Machines Part 2 DVD

Price: 15.95

Massive Earthmoving Machines Part 2 DVDThis programme, Part 2 in a two-part series, looks at earthmoving machines and equipment working in an open-cast mines at Gillette, Wyoming and Garzweiler, Germany. The lignite (brown coal) mine in Garzweiler, Germany is the home of bucketwheel excavators and miles of conveyors and it is here that we take a detailed look at the world's largest terrestial moving machine; bucketwheel excavator 288. However, the programme is not just about machinery. It also deals with how these large scale mines function, from removing the overburden, coal extraction, hauling and rail transport, to the re-filling and landscaping of the site. The programme has been co-ordinated and scripted by Keith Haddock, author of many books on earthmoving equipment. A listing of the equipment featured in this programme follows here: Walking dragline: - Bucyrus-Erie 2570-WS "Ursa Major", 164 cu yd bucket Bucketwheel excavators : - No. 288, 12,500 cu m per hour; No. 284, 10,400 cu m per hour Electric shovels: - Bucyrus 495HR, 82 cu yd dipper; P&H 2800, 65 cu yd bucket Haul trucks: - Liebherr T282 diesel-electric, 400 ton capacity; Komatsu 930E diesel-electric, 320 ton capacity; Caterpillar 793D mechanical drive, 240 ton capacity Other equipment: - Caterpillar 24H motor grader; Caterpillar 657E twin-engined motor scraper; Le Tourneau L-1800 diesel-electric wheel loader, 33 cu yd capacity; Caterpillar D11R bulldozer; Spreader 760; Bucketwheel coal loader; Caterpillar D8R crawler dozer; Caterpillar 824H wheeled dozer; Conveyors, control room, coal train Running time approx. 70 minutes. Available towards the end of May BUY BOTH MASSIVE EARTHMOVING MACHINES PROGRAMMES FOR 29.95 - PLEASE ORDER VIA OUR SPECIAL OFFERS CATEGORY IF YOU WISH TO PURCHASE THE TWO PROGRAMMES

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