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Heavy Hauling Schwertransporte Report Iran

Price: £33.50

Heavy Hauling Schwertransporte Report IranThe book illustrates the very considerable capabilities of Iranís major heavy transport operators, and the impressive transportation technology that can be seen on routes between the Persian Gulf ports and the Caspian Sea. Iranís heavy lift specialists proved highly adept at perfecting the skills required to overcome the obstacles placed in their path. Legal restrictions applying to axle loadings are often compounded by the poor structural condition of many bridges. Tractors are another problem area. Very high tariffs present a barrier to the importation of new vehicles and whilst Iran has indigenous truck industry, it cannot adequately supply the kind of tractors required. In consequence, the heavy lift industry does an excellent job of on maintaining in service heavy prime movers from the 1970s and 1980s. Macks abound but other marques featured include Faun, Kenworth, Mercedes, Volvo, Titan, Magirus Deutz, Volvo, Kaelble, Hayes. Modular axle units are not affected by these import restrictions, so at least the load-bearing component of the heavy lift task are modern technology. Congratulations again to Ralf Koch for venturing to places where others would not go. The text is in both GERMAN & ENGLISH. 160 pages, 650+ colour pictures. hardback. Available

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