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WorkThe photographs in this book, the second volume in The Way We Were series, depict how working life in England used to be. They show people at work in a wide range of occupations from Victorian times to the recent past. Many recall a time when work meant long hours of toil in field or facyory, when ploughs were pulled by horses and the harvest gathered by hand. Spanning over a period of 150 years they show industries such as mining, shipbuilding, and fishing which have all but disappeared from these shores. There are also glimpses of some of the trades and traditional crafts now almost lost to us - coppicing, thatching and the art of the blacksmith. All the images are from the NMR collection; the public archive of English Heritage. All the images are in black & white; a medium which truly captures the essence of the time. s/b. 173 pages. 164 b/w images. softback

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