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Heathrow, The Early Years DVD

Price: 14.99

Heathrow, The Early Years DVDFeatures classic film from the 1940s and 50s revealing both the construction, operation of and airliners arriving and departing from what was then simply known as London Airport. London Airport dates from 1949 and looks back to the earliest days of Heathrow with the demolition of local houses, the construction of the runways and the laying of drainage and cabling. It offers a rare glimpse too of the first proving flight on January 1st 1946, as well as coverage of the 1949 control tower, hanger facilities, aerial views, pilots landing P.O.V and early airport radar coverage. AIR-CROSSROADS LONDON This film was made in 1958, when Heathrow was already the busiest international airport in the world, with some 38 airlines making 600 take-offs and landings every 24 hours at the summer peak. Highlights include following a BEA flight preparing to leave for Amsterdam, a look Inside the Central Terminal Building, coverage of Heathrow night operations, low aerial views of the airport and visits to the control tower as well as to the BOAC and BEA engineering bases. WINGS OVER THE WORLD Made in 1950 when the airport was still under construction, this film features a wealth of early airliners at Heathrow including the Barbizon, Constellation, Viking, Hermes and Stratocruiser. It follows the preparations for a flight by Avro York to South Africa - and offers views of the control tower, baggage handling, marshalling and aircraft maintenance work. There are also previews of the dH Comet and Viscount - due to come into service at Heathrow in the near future. Total running time 56 mins.

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