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Fire Service at War DVD

Price: 15.99

Fire Service at War DVDFeatures four films from the Imperial War Museum made from footage taken during WWII of historical importance - I was a Fireman; Fire Services at War, Fire of London, Mobilising Procedure. 150 mins. I WAS A FIREMAN (1943): Directed and scripted by Humphrey Jennings for the Crown Film Unit, I Was A Fireman is the story of one day in the life of an AFS (Auxiliary Fire Service) unit during the height of the Blitz. The Auxiliary Fire Service was formed in 1938 as back up to the regular fire service in case Britain's cities ever faced mass bombing from the air. Its members were all 'amateurs'. Although it features a dramatised re-staging, I Was a Fireman uses no actors. The cast is made up entirely of genuine AFS fire fighters who served during the Blitz. I Was A Fireman is the longer version of Fires Were Started. FIRE SERVICES AT WAR (1946): A compilation film released by the re-named Central Office of Information in 1946, this film provides a fascinating look at Britain's Fire Services from the preparations for war through to 1945. It covers recruitment, training, action under fire during the Blitz, the reorganisation of the Fire Service, the renewed threat posed by V-weapons during 1944 and - at the end of the war - the Royal salutes to the men and women who served so valiantly through the years. FIRE OF LONDON (1945): Made for the Ministry of Information, this compilation is a vivid account of the London Blitz of 1940-1941, with considerable coverage of the threat posed by fire. It includes shots of a burning oil-depot, the story of the great fire raid of 29 December 1940, views of the Fire Service HQ, a look at water-supply problems and an account of the last great fire attack in May 1941. Total running time 150 mins.

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