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Ice Road Truckers - Season Two DVD Boxed Set

Price: 19.95

Ice Road Truckers - Season Two DVD Boxed SetIce Road Truckers returns for a second high-tension season, but this time the job takes them even farther north, 100 miles inside the Artic Circle. Their new mission; to haul the heavy metal of natural gas drilling rigs not only over frozen lakes but also over the Artic Ocean. In just three months they earn the equivalent of a year's salary but in doing so they have to endure working on one of the most perilous stretches of road anywhere in the world, where jack-knifing, breakdowns and frostbite are the order of the day. All this on top of the fact that beneath their wheels and the crust of ice they run on are many fathoms of cold freezing water ready to envelope forever any rig that falls foul of the treacherous conditions these truckers have to endure. The boxed set has a combined running time of over nine hours. Release date for Season Two is 4th may 2009 - order your copy today to ensure immediate dispatch when stocks are released by the UK distributors.

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