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Scania at Work - LB110, 111, 140 & 141

Price: £19.95

Scania at Work - LB110, 111, 140 & 141An informative illustrated tribute to Scania’s ground-breaking series of trucks - L110, 111, 140 & 141. In the 1970s nearly every driver acknowledged the Scania 141 as the King of the Road. It was the most powerful truck of its day, the favourite for long-haul work throughout Europe. It set a standard for other manufacturers to match and it created a premium image for Scania that still persists. In this highly illustrated book Patrick Dyer shows how the model developed from the L75. It’s a story of careful attention to trends in the transport market and equally thorough commitment to engineering detail and driver comfort. Scania’s enterprise, together with Volvo, led to their supremacy in European truck driving. Scania along with Volvo were to become a rolling revolution, leaving other manufacturers behind. 144p.198 ill. h/b. Available

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