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Demolition Giants DVD

Price: £15.95

Demolition Giants DVDThe technology of demolition has changed beyond all recognition over the past two decades. The dust-raising ball and chain have gone, replaced by telescopic high-reach extensions to tracked machinery. In this programme you can see some of the world’s tallest demolition machines at work in Holland and the UK. The reach of one of these massive machines is 90 metres. No less impressive are the tools at the end of the booms, weighing up to 28 tonnes and capable of slicing through reinforced concrete and metal. You will be able to gain an unrivalled insight into a demolition contractor’s choice of equipment from the programme’s interview with David Coleman. Boom manufacturer David Kocurek talks about the practical limits of the booms which you can see being made at the Kocurek workshops. The programme has been organised and scripted by machinery journalist Steven Vale whose previous DVD on Sweden’s Aitik copper mine was described by Earthmovers magazine as ‘sheer quality’. Plant featured in the programme includes: Hitachi ZX870 with STC 50 m four-piece boom and Verachtert VT40 2.6-tonne scrap shear. Hitachi EX1200 with Kocurek 50 m telescopic boom and concrete crusher. Cat 385C with Rusch Special Products 62 m telescopic boom and scrap shear. Hitachi EX1200 with Genesis GXP 2500 scrap shear. Cat 385 with VHS 70/3 scrap shear. Hitachi EX1200 with Genesis GXP 2500 scrap shear. Cat 5110B with 27 m three-piece STC boom, Mantovanibenne 12-tonne concrete crusher and 12-tonne scrap shear. Liebherr R984C with Kocurek 65 m telescopic boom and 3.5 tonne Cat MP30 Multi Processor concrete crusher. Cat 5110B with Rusch Special Products 90 m telescopic boom and scrap shear. Running time 80 mins. plus extras.

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