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Londons 1950s Buses - A Class Album

Price: 19.95

Londons 1950s Buses - A Class AlbumPrinted on high gloss paper this book provides an evocative look back to a time when London Transport had not totally standardised its passenger transport vehicles and was still running some pre-war, utility and other non-standard types in its fleet. The decade was to see a wholesome change to the RT and the book captures the type in different guises and locations during its heyday. Also featured are examples of the early Routemaster and for those who have a soft-spot for the single deckers there are T types and RFs as well as some others. Apart from the class aspect T, TD, RT, RT, RM, RTL, RTW, RL, RFW, RLHs GS, STL and others the book also has features such as Trips to Uxbridge, Reigate Remembered, Green and Red in Sunhill, A Day at Hertford amongst others. All in all a thoroughly interesting book with informative body text and detailed captioning which not appeals to those more into the subject but to others such the writer of this piece as it opens the windows of time back to a period so fondly remembered of a time living in Uxbridge in the early 1950s. 104 pages, hardback. Approx 150 colour and b/w images.

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