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Cola Cowboys (reprint)

Price: 9.95

Cola Cowboys (reprint)COLA COWBOYS (reprint) Recalls the story of the author journeying with lorry drivers in 1981/82 to the Middle East, telling it as seen through the eyes of the truckers themselves - the frustrations, challenges and elations all encountered on the journey east. Among the physical hazards were icy mountain hairpins, unmade roads and desert sandstorms. Human hazards included Kamikaze coach drivers, robbers, mind-numbing slow border controls, rogue police and the temptations of the driver's favourite watering holes. The route led from Europe through Turkey, Iraq (during its war with Iran) and on to the wealth and culture shock of the Saudi Arabia. The cargoes were often worth many, many thousands of pounds. Deliver one load then back up the road for the next consignment - this was the Olympics of truck driving.It was rough, dangerous, dirty, exhausting and uncomfortable. Now you do not have spend a fortune buying a 50 copy on Ebay! Please note, the latest expected delivery of Cola Cowboys is around 20th March. Order now as demand will be high for this classic from the early 1980s. 382p including eight pages of pictures, softback.

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