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The Road Haulage Industry

Price: 5.99

The Road Haulage IndustryAn inexpensive, small but very informative book that chronicles the evolution of the road haulage industry in the UK, the garages and cafes that kept the lorries and men going and the lorry drivers themselves. For hundreds of years, horses were the main way to transport goods across land, but in the twentieth century, first steam and then internal combustion engines revolutionised road haulage. The author charts the history of motor road haulage in Britain, featuring the design and development of the vehicles, competition from the railways, and the coming of the motorway age, the services that kept the trucker going, from garage to transport cafe, and the men themselves. Illustrated throughout with period photographs, this is a feast of nostalgia for anyone who has enjoyed a career in the industry, and a real eye opener for anyone who has not. 56p. Features over 100 b/w & colour photos. softback (PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A SOFTBACK BOOK, NOT HARDBACK AS DETAILED IN OUR ADVERTISEMENTS)

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