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Project D - Story of the Ford D Series Trucks DVD

Price: £16.99

Project D - Story of the Ford D Series Trucks DVDProject D is a programme of four films from the Ford archives that recall the development, testing and introduction of the new D series range of lorry first launched by Ford in 1965. The type is featured in the UK and Europe and on test in extreme climates of the USSR & Africa. 64 minutes. In 1965 a new truck rolled off the production line at Ford. It was a truck designed to meet the demands of drivers and the industry, a truck built and tested to withstand the harshest treatment. This was the D Series, a vehicle which launched a quiet revolution in haulage design. It was built in consultation with truckers, engineered to the highest standards and tested to the point of destruction to ensure unrivalled reliability. For more than 15 years, Fordís D Series trucks would set the standard. Now you can discover the full story of an icon in four wonderful films from the archives of Ford. Made in 1965, each explores the level of dedication and hard work invested in creating the D Series, and demonstrates the stunning results of that devotion. Project D is a colour film charting the full story of the development of the truck. From the first meetings to discuss the concept, through the design, refinement, building and testing of the D Series, this film uncovers the incredible levels of though and consideration which went into this vehicle. It is amazing to witness the extreme off-road testing the D Series was put through to deliver world-beating reliability. Trucks in Europe is a short colour film made for the American market demonstrating the huge range of Ford commercial vehicles available in Europe, such as the Transit van. Only a few minutes long, the film offers rare archive footage of one of the toughest testing grounds around. Dateline Russia is a fascinating look at a gruelling endurance test which saw three D Series trucks, accompanied by Ford back-up vehicles complete a 10,000 mile round journey from London to the Black Sea. As well as witnessing the trucks handle everything from motorways to mountain dirt roads, the film offers an absorbing look at life behind the Iron Curtain in 1965. Finally, Desert Drive sees one of the trucks from the trip to the former Soviet Union put back to work again Ė this time for a 10,000-mile journey across the deserts of North Africa into the harsh terrain of the Sahara. We join a group from Oxford University as they embark on an epic journey into the heart of Africa, putting the D Series to the ultimate reliability test as they travel. 64 minutes.

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