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Schwerlast in der Schweiz

Price: £24.95

Schwerlast in der SchweizIn Switzerland the particular topography places heavy demands on heavy haulage transportation. In this book The authors show with numerous photo spreads, the performance vehicles of major companies, including those that no longer in operation. There are also exciting reports of special operations, such as the transportation for a cable car or the transport of heavy power plants in the mountains. Company's featured include Abächerli, Affolter, Baumann, Bertschy special cranes, Blaser, Bollhalder, Brunner, Christian-Biel, Christianity Küssnacht, Clausen, ECC, Ernst, Fanger, Gabler, Feldmann, Friderici, Günthardt, Haefling, Heggie, Kehrli & Oiler, Keller & Hess, Knecht, Langenegger, Kurt Marti, Meier, Momect, Musfeld, Petit Levage, Piatti, mobile crane, Richi, Risi, specialist Paul Hotz, Sauvin Schmidt, Schneider, Senn, boots, Stiftra, Toggenburg, Tschudy, TSM Transporti, Welti -Furrer, Wipfli, Zaugg, Zuber, Zwissig. GERMAN TEXT. 164 pages, 380 illustrations, 28 x 21 cm, hardcover

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