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Die Schwerlastspezialsten

Price: 29.95

Die SchwerlastspezialstenThe TII Group is the world's leading provider of heavy and special vehicles. The sister companies Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag offer breathtaking technology: NASA rocket transports, transports slag at 1000 degrees hotter load, offshore transport with over 14000 tonnes, the largest heavy-duty truck in the world and much more. The authors show and explain the development from the first platform cars to today's high-tech device. the BOOK'S contents feature Scheuerle: Low-bed trailers, hydraulic lines, the euro combi, flat combi, InterCombi, tank and side girder bridges, type SPMT, axles for the Grove crane, special vehicles, slag handling, car converter, straddle carriers. Kamag; modular transporter Series 2400, slag handling, slab carrier, shipyard transporter, vehicles for air, space, special designs. Nicolas; Tractomas heavy duty tractors, MDEB tramway, locomotive and wagon vans, special vehicles series SC, gravity vessel decks, module Airbus transport systems, transportation reports. GERMAN TEXT. 180 pages, 645 illustrations, 28 x 21 cm, hardcover

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