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King of the Road

Price: 16.99

King of the RoadThis title takes you inside one of the world's most dangerous jobs with the star of History's top-rated reality show, "Ice Road Truckers". The highest-rated reality show ever to hit the History channel, "Ice Road Truckers" follows the heart-pounding adventures of the tough-as-nails truckers who risk peril every day to deliver goods and supplies in Alaska and across Canada's frozen north. Alex shares tales of his adventures - and misadventures - in the north, and explains, in his own entertaining voice, how he got to where he is today - working class hero, bona-fide celebrity, and the improbable star of a smash-hit television show. Alex is a natural storyteller who knows how to spin tales about his colorful life growing up in the backwoods. Whether he's recounting tales about his hair-raising confrontations with bears, calculating the strength of newly formed ice, divulging the secrets of providing security in a bar room full of combative, drunken miners, or saving the life of another trucker, he keeps you wanting more. This is the first inside look at industry legend and fan favorite Alex Debogorski, a devout Christian, father of 11 children, and the world's best known truck driver. It includes thrilling adventures and behind-the-scenes insights that you won't find on the show. It features sidebars that explain the facts about ice roads, from how they're made to when and why they splinter and break. "King of the Road" gives fans of "Ice Road Truckers" a deep look inside the life and times of the show's biggest rising star. 272 pages, hardback

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