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Bucyrus Drills: Drilling the Earth for 75 Years

Price: 28.95

Bucyrus Drills: Drilling the Earth for 75 Years The production of coal, iron, copper, and other minerals has always presented a need for blasting and associated blast holes. Likewise, the blossoming of housing in America has demanded a continual need for water wells for a growing rural population. Bucyrus International, Inc. (formerly Bucyrus-Erie Company) has been a traditional supplier of the tools to meet that need, a pioneer of the blast hole drilling effort since the Bucyrus purchase of the Armstrong Drill Company in 1933. Churn drills of that era eventually gave way to rotary blast hole drills in 1952. This book recounts the history of drilling, early manufacturers of drilling equipment, the emergence of drilling methods, rigs, drill bits, and the role of Bucyrus in furthering the science and art of water well and blast hole drilling. While tracing the rich heritage of over 75 years of Bucyrus drill production terminology, explosives, hole size, and machinery design features are addressed. The production and use of over 11,600 churn drills, 42 jet piercer drills, and over 1,376 rotary blast hole drills are protrayed in vivid photography from the Bucyrus archives. 128 pages, 200 illustrations, softback

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