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Classic Commercial Vehicles

Price: 19.95

Classic Commercial VehiclesThis is what the publishers say about this book - "There was a time not too long ago when if you were to stand by a busy main road in Britain the majority of the commercial vehicles at work, whether they be vans, pick-ups, lorries of all types and emergency vehicles would all have been manufactured in this country. That day has sadly now passed, but dedicated enthusiasts, companies, museums and groups have preserved many of these vehicles for display and use in the last six decades. This superb large-format book is illustrated with images of preserved commercial vehicles, buses and a few emergency vehicles, drawn only from the ranks of the British manufacturers, and all more than twenty-five years old, though most examples are considerably older than that and a few date back to the First World War. Together they re-create a picture of a vanished Britain when makes such as AEC, Albion, Bedford, Foden, Guy, Leyland, Scammell and Sentinel were the kings of the road. Through this fantastic collection of more than 140 images of classic vehicles you can almost smell the oil and hear the roar of their proudly British engines." 140 colour images of restored vehicles. 144 pages. hardback

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