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Cornwall's China Clay Country

Price: £16.99

CornwallThe granite uplands around St Austell in Cornwall have been at the centre of the china clay industry for more than two hundred years yet they remain almost unknown to outsiders. Visitors speeding down the Goss Moor on their way to the beaches and holiday resorts further to the west of the county may be aware of the strange silhouettes and hills of the area yet their thoughts are on the sands and the seaside delights that await them. Retirees may pause on their coastal walks to gaze inland; holiday makers flying into Newquay may wonder briefly what the strangely coloured lakes below might be. Tourists on their way to the Eden Project in coaches may get a commentary on the strange landscape but rarely do they stop and investigate further. Even those who live in other parts of Cornwall have only a vague idea of what goes on in the mines and refineries, the dryers and the ports. Cornwall’s China Clay Country seeks to inspire readers to explore the St Austell china clay area and to help visitors to interpret what they see, and locals to remember how things were. Through a series of walks and drives around the district the authors invite their readers to explore the history of the area following the routes of Clay Trails that have been established for walkers and cyclists. Period photographs illustrate bygone methods of winning the clay, the buildings that were once so typical of the industry and the people that did the work, while superb colour photographs reinforce impressions of a modern landscape that is quite unique to this part of Cornwall. 144 pages, illustrated hardback

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