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Eddie Stobart: The Ultimate Guide to British Trucking Legends

Price: 18.99

Eddie Stobart: The Ultimate Guide to British Trucking LegendsThe following punchy and somewhat 'over the top text' is from the publisher's blurb, not our own words. Many in the industry may well have a different view of the company. "From humble beginnings in a Cumbrian farmyard over forty years ago, the Eddie Stobart fleet has found a big parking place in the nation's heart, loved as much for its 2,200 immaculate green and red trucks, each emblazoned with a girl's name on the front, as for its famous army of dedicated Stobart Spotters who try to find each one. Buckle up with the Stobart drivers, and join them on a week in the life of a massive delivery, from paperwork to pallet. You can learn what it's like to be sat in the driver seat of a Stobart truck - the noises, visibility, clutch control, gears, steering - and discover the sheer size and power of these machines. Illustrated throughout with amazing photographs, and featuring first-hand stories of incredible journeys from the intrepid truckers, as well as astonishing facts and stats and the history of the fleet". 192 pages, illustrated. hardback

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