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Massive Wheeled Loaders Part One: Caterpillar • Liebherr • Volvo DVD

Price: £16.95

Massive Wheeled Loaders Part One: Caterpillar • Liebherr • Volvo DVDThis is Part One of a two-DVD set in which Steven Vale shows examples of wheeled loaders working in surface mines and quarries in Europe and the UK. He focuses in particular on the larger, more impressive models. In this DVD he deals with machines from Caterpillar, Liebherr and Volvo. The stars are probably the 180-tonne Cat 994s loading limestone in the Carrières d’Antoing limestone quarry, Belgium. These are the largest wheeled loaders made by Caterpillar. Their regular loads are 35 tonnes or more. Other Cats included in the programme are 988H, 992G and 993K. Liebherr’s largest wheeled loader is the L586. Steven shows us one of these working in a spectacularly beautiful white marble quarry at Carrara, Italy. Although the L586 is supposed to be limited to 24 tonnes, it seems capable of handling up to 30. Volvo’s flagship model is the 50-tonne L350F. Steven shows us a 350 working at Carrara and another one in England at the Melton Ross chalk quarry where it moves up to 2,500 tonnes a day to the crusher. These machines – the largest produced by each manufacturer – are superb workhorses whose size and power are enthralling. 75 minutes

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