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Massive Wheeled Loaders Part Two: Hitachi • Komatsu • LeTourneau DVD

Price: £16.95

Massive Wheeled Loaders Part Two: Hitachi • Komatsu • LeTourneau DVDIn this DVD he deals with machines from Hitachi, Komatsu and LeTourneau. He starts in Norway at the Titania ilmenite mine with a 100-tonne LeTourneau L1000. However, this is dwarfed by the 180-tonne L1400 he tracks down at the Guarain-Ramecroix limestone quarry, Belgium. It is the largest LeTourneau wheeled loader in Europe. Its 40-tonne capability means it can handle around 1,500 tonnes an hour. In a Carrara marble quarry Steven finds a Hitachi giant, the 46-tonne ZW550. This uses stone forks to move blocks of marble of over 30 tonnes up torturously steep tracks. There are several Komatsu examples in this DVD, including WA500, 800 and 900. Towering above these is the Komatsu WA1200 at work in the Norwegian ilmenite mine. This 200-tonne brute, currently the world’s largest mechanical loader, comfortably shifts 40-45 tonnes an hour – sometimes more. The machines in this programme – among the largest produced by each manufacturer – are superb workhorses whose size and power are enthralling. 75 mins.

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