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Supertrucks of Scammell

Price: 15.95

Supertrucks of ScammellThus is a facsimile reprint of a book that was first published in the late 1980s by Fitzjames Press and which as been out of print for the last 20 years. It is a book which we sold many hundreds of copies when it originally appeared and which we reccommend would be a welcome addition now to the book shelves of those enthusiasts who did not obtain it the first time round. As the title suggests the subject of the book is the heavyweight prime movers - the early 100-tonners, Pioneers and Explorers, Constructors, Contractors, Highwayman, Commanders to the S24 and S26 of the 1980s - built at Watford by the long gone Scammell vehicles. Many of the liveries of the vehicles have now past into history - Wynns, Pickfords Heavy Haulage, Sunters, Wrekin Roadways - but this book throws the light once again on these operators of heavy haulage who functioned in an era when the UK's manufacturing & construction output was at it's zenith. All the pictures are supported by extended and knowledgeable captioning by the author, Bob Tuck. 160 pages, approx 160 b/w pictures, hardback

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