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Modern LeTourneau Earthmoving Equipment

Price: 29.95

Modern LeTourneau Earthmoving EquipmentSubtitle to the book 'Ultra-large Loaders, Dozers and Haulers since 1968. Over the years LeTourneau has produced some of the world's largest and most productive front-end loaders, wheel dozers, and haulers, including the world record breaking L-2350, the world's largest wheel loader ever manufactured. Modern LeTourneau Earthmoving Equip- ment focuses on machines designed and built during the time period of 1968 to present. All of the company's quarry and mining machine offerings, including past LeTro-Loader, LeTro-Dozer, and Titan haul truck designs, as well as all current equipment product lines, are featured in great detail. Behind the scenes images, as well as model and working views, bring these giants to life with rare color and b&w historic and modern photography, making this a must have for all heavy equipment enthusiasts. 188 colour photos, 112 pages, softback

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