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Trucks in the 1980s

Price: £19.95

Trucks in the 1980s Many would argue the 1980s were a better time for truck drivers than nowadays: no mobile phones, less traffic on the road, CB radio was all the rage and stickers were the heart of truck customising. But the transport industry is constantly evolving and companies must adapt their vehicles to keep pace with the developments. As a result, vehicle design and liveries regularly change and many of the companies around in the 1980s have expired and been forgotten, and the trucks are long gone to the great scrapyard in the sky. David Wakefield has been working in the transport industry for over 30 years and has been taking photos of trucks since the early 1980s. He has amassed thousands of high-quality images, producing one of the most comprehensive photographic collections of the time, but many of his photos have never been previously published In this vivid compilation, Nick Ireland has collated 300 of Davidís images from the 80s in order to preserve them and make them publicly available for the first time. Trucks in the 1980s features trucks from all over the world and is a must-have for current and former truckers who will enjoy being reminded of the good old days and to anyone else with an interest in transport history. 176 pages, over 300 col. ill. hardback

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