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The Writings on the Truck: The Tales and Photographs of a Traditional Signwriter

Price: £19.95

The Writings on the Truck: The Tales and Photographs of a Traditional SignwriterThe Writing's on the Truck is a pictorial look at the traditional art of signwriting on commercial vehicles, by renowned signwriter John Corah. John began signwriting in 1982 working for Brian Harris Transport Ltd. Brianís well-turned out trucks were regularly seen on the roads between the Southwest and the North of Scotland and with this excellent showcase for his skills, John quickly built up a large customer base. Since then, he has written on ERFs, Leylands, Guys, Fodens, Atkinsons, Albions and AECs to name but a few and he is responsible for the distinctive livery of a number of traditional family run haulage companies. In some cases he worked on the vehicles when brand new and then again when restored some 20-30 years later! Sadly many of the once familiar and iconic companies have disappeared over the years and today computer generated vinyl lettering has almost completely taken over the art and few modern fleets are signwritten. The Writing's on the Truck includes 210 fully captioned and previously unpublished photos of the vehicles he worked on, many of which will be remembered by transport fans UK-wide. The book tells the story of the development of Johnís business, the methods he uses to create particular effects and numerous anecdotes from his working life. It will be of interest to anyone involved with road haulage and the preservation of classic trucks. Before starting his signwriting business John Corah spent a period of time in the 1970s driving for Brian Harris Transport, the history of which he wrote about in From Moorlands to Highlands, which is also published by Old Pond and now in its 3rd edition. He is now a semi-retired signwriter and article writer. He is also very much involved in the preservation of classic lorries and owns three of them himself, giving him considerable empathy towards his job of signwriting restored classic lorries for their owners. 168 pages, 210 ill. hardback

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