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Farming Day by Day - The 1960s

Price: 12.95

Farming Day by Day - The 1960sThis book is comprised of a selection of articles and reports by John Winter that were first published in the Daily Mail in the 1960s. His articles and reports were couched in such a way that they were always interesting - either to the lay person who had little or no experience of what farming life was like, or to those whose whole life revolved around the industry. The 60s started off well with recorded harvests in 1964 but as the decade progressed so the effects of advances in technology effected manpower on the land and fowl pest, foot & mouth out breaks, marketing board rows, poor price reviews, spiralling costs, farm safety and chemical misuse became the mileposts on which the decade was to be judged. 264p. 16 b&w illust. hardback. Available End of June 2002

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