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Bedford: You Saw Them Everywhere DVD

Price: 16.95

Bedford: You Saw Them Everywhere DVDThis new DVD programme from Roundoak is a fitting companion to the recent Roundoak book - Bedford Trucks & Vans in Colour. They are also linked as the driver of the Army pre-production M-Type featured on the front cover is non other than Peter Davies himself! It is comprised of six promotional films produced over a twenty year period, commencing in 1953, featuring various Bedford models and illustrating some of the uses and applications to which they were put. Especially memorable are Highway Assignment - a feature on building the M1 in the 1950s; Thursday 14th - a true classic on road transport from the 1960s with many nostalgic images; Bedford M Type - which illustrates the virtues of the 4x4 model as it is put to the test at the Army?s FVRDE establishment at Bagshot and elsewhere. Running time 53 minutes. SEE OUR SUMMER 2004 OFFER for both this book and the Bedford You Saw Them Everywhere DVD-R on the Special Offer Pages of this website.

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