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Wynns 2 DVD

Price: 16.95

The programme was created from 16mm film taken by members of the Wynns family during the late 1940s to the late 1960s and therefore comes under the category of amateur footage as opposed to that created by a professional film crew. However, these images are still golden moments from the past that feature Pacifics, Diamond Ts, Scammells, the venerable Foden at work as well as support vehicles such as tackles wagons, cranes, wreckers that supported the company's front line fleet in their heavy duty work. Images vary from taking delivery of trailers at Cranes of Dereham and Schereule in Germany to collecting and delivering transformers, recovering a load that 'fell off', simulating recovery of the 'Brabazon' and much more. Narrated by John Wynn. Running time 50 minutes.

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