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Loaded & Rollin' DVD-R

Price: 16.95

Loaded & RollinThis brand programme from the CPP team features hard-working truckers in Alaska, Canada, Continental USA, Sweden, U.K. & Australia going about their daily work hauling fuel and goods in multi-axled Dromedary outfits. Very much a labour of love by the team Loaded & Rollin? recalls the evolution of the dromedary truck (artics with payload carrying long-wheel-base tractor units) from the pioneering days of P.I.E. in the USA to today?s awsome multi-trailered Kenworth-powered outfits hauling 150,000 litres of fuel in Australia?s outback. Further features include five-axled cab-overs of Alaska West Express hauling fuel out of Fairbanks into the Artic Circle on the unpaved switchback that is called the Dalton Highway plus features on various Scanias & Volvos at work in Sweden plus what is believed to be the only drom at work in the U.K. With informative commentary including views from the truckers who drive them. 70 minutes

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