Help: Purchasing Products
Gather products for purchase by clicking “Add to cart”. You are never obligated to purchase anything in your shopping cart. You will not be charged until you go through the checkout process and click “Charge Credit Card”.

Using the shopping cart
Add products to your cart by clicking “Add to cart”. Your cart page will appear, showing the items you have added. To continue shopping use your browser’s back button or use the continue shopping button.

Removing products from your shopping cart
To remove a product from your cart, click “Remove” link beside the product. Your cart page will reload with the item removed.

When you are ready to complete your purchase, click “Checkout” on any page. This will connect you to our secure server. You will be prompted to enter your billing address, telephone number, email address, delivery location and your delivery address if different to your billing address. An accurate e-mail address is extremely important. We use your e-mail address to send you a receipt of the transaction after it has been completed.

Postage & packaging(Shipping cost)
After entering the above details you will be shown your shopping cart with postage and packaging added.

Payment Information
Next you will be asked to give your credit card information. When entering your credit card number, be sure that you use numerals. Do not enter the credit card number using spaces, dashes or other non-numeric characters. The credit card number should be a continuos string of numbers. As well, be sure that you enter both the month and year for the credit card expire date into the appropriate fields on the form.