Bedford Trucks & Vans in Colour

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Bedford rose to fame during the early ?30s and was a market leader for well over half a century. Bedford commercial vehicles were as well known abroad as they were in Great Britain, having been exported to some 170 countries around the globe. This new Roundoak book, the first such volume to be published in full colour, recalls leading model types from 1931 to Bedford?s final demise in 1999 under Marshall SPV ownership. Exclusive colour photographs, mostly taken by the author, bring to life old favourites like the O type, S type, TJ and TK, not to mention lighter models such as the CA and HA vans.
No one is better equipped than Peter Davies to provide this vivid presentation of the marque and it is to him we leave the last word. ?Bedfords were part of my everyday life and continued to be so when I went straight from school to work at the company in Luton. I was there until it closed in 1986. This book, to me, is very much a labour of love and I hope it will be enjoyed by all who have an interest in commercial vehicles?.
Bedford Trucks & Vans in Colour is published by Roundoak and presents 275 colour images of the models and types that made the Bedford marque so familiar here in the U.K. and 170 countries worldwide. 144p., Hardback, landscape format 210mm x 272mm with dust cover. Printed on 150 gsm gloss paper in the UK. SALE save