BRS Parcels Services and the Express Carriers


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This volume carries on the theme from our previous book, BRS – The Early Years, in examining different elements of the nationalised British Road Service undertaking administered by the Road Haulage Executive (RHE) under the direction of the British Transport Commission (BTC) created as a consequence of the passing of the 1947 Transport Act.It not only looks at the creation, administration and functioning of the BRS Parcels section but also reveals some of the historical background of those major carriers and companies, such as Pickfords, Carter Paterson, Suttons, Fisher Renwick, Bouts, Holdsworth & Hanson, that were brought together to function under its umbrella.
The 1953 Transport Act and the effects of de-nationalisation saw its reorganisation into BRS (Parcels) Ltd from 1st January 1955 and it thus continued evolving, changing, contracting until, under the auspices of the National Freight Corporation it was merged with National Carriers to become Roadline. In 1997, in its final form, it became the subject of a management buyout emerging as Lynx Express Parcels. The final chapter in its history was written in 2005 when the company was bought from Bridgepoint Capital by United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS).
These aspects in its history are also examined as is the evolution of the UK parcel carrier industry and the key players in the post-nationalisation era including Hanson Haulage, Harrisons of Dewsbury, Carryfast, Wilkinson, Atlas Express, United Carriers, Blue Band Express, Crowfoot Carriers, TNT, FedEx, Royal Mail & Parcelforce, this then leading us to the early years of the 21st century and those companies or organisations – UPS, DHL, Parceline, CityLink, UK Mail, ANC, Geopost, Nightfreight and the pallet carriers that now dominate the industry in this era of globalisation and ‘logistics’.
Running coterminous with this story is another, that of the evolution of the carriers’ vehicle, the depots from which they function and the aids and systems that have been developed to ease but not minimise what is, and will always remain, an industry with a man-handling function at its core of operation. The photographic element of this book hopefully accomplishes the examination and presentation of this aspect also.
As reviewed in Transport News June 2008 – ‘BRS Parcels Services and the Express Carriers is a highly recommended read and buyers will find much to capture their interest in its 304 pages’.
304 pages, over 615 b&w illustrations, with appendices and index. hardback with colour dust jacket. 275 x 205 mm.