Fisher Renwick: A Transport Saga 1872-1974

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‘Fisher Renwick’ is a fascinating story of a transport company which through foresight and innovation, beginning with coastal steamers from Newcastle and then Manchester before transferring its business to road. One of the earliest of companies to run Scammell lorries, their Rigid Eight ‘Showboats’ vans and flats were a familiar sight on the roads between London, Manchester, Liverpool and Scotland as they served on the company’s ground breaking ‘Continuous Service’. Even through the war years they managed to keep their express services going – ably assisted by loyal staff such as the ‘Hinchliffe Brothers’ with their efforts to keep the company’s wheels turning over a hostile Shap. Come peacetime, nationalisation loomed and the fleet was eventually subsumed into the BRS leviathan. The story does not end there for another chapter opened with Contract Service until the early 1970s when the company was finally sold to Ryder to become the foundation of that company’s operations in the U.K. ‘Fisher Renwick’ reveals much new information on British road transport history and on how it coped during the war years. Few companies have captured the imagination to quite the same extent as Fisher Renwick. Gordon Mustoe must be congratulated on producing such a thorough and interesting story. Appendices detail the company’s shipping; the Scammell road fleets; other fleet vehicles and the Contract hire vehicles. A Roundoak book. 152 pages. 170 mono ill. hardback