High, Wide & Heavy


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This all-colour David Lee book published originally in 2005 features over 340 images from U.K’s modern & current day heavy haulage vehicle scene. This book presents the subject by load type with chapters featuring the many different & varied types of loads carried – Bulldozers, Cranes, Dump trucks & ADTs, Excavators, Locomotives & rolling stock, Transformers, Military Armour, Scrapers, Pressure Vessels, Boats and Yachts and much more. Also includes heavy-duty mobile cranes and their support vehicles and an operator index. Undoubtedly the most colourful book to be published on the subject – it features the vehicles of approx. 170 different British heavy haulage and heavy crane operators plus a sampling of European operators visiting the British shores.

340+ colour images, landscape format 272mm x 210mm., hardback