Lincoln’s Excavators: The Ruston-Bucyrus Years 1945 to 1970



This, the third title in the illustrious Roundoak series and the latest title to be published by Nynehead Books under it’s Roundoak imprint, covers the R-B story from the post-war years up to the beginning of 1970s and the introduction of the company’s ultimately successful Hydraulic Excavator range. Machine types featured and described include the 54-RB, 38-RB, 22-RB, 30-RB, 100-RB, 150-RB, plus Piling machines, Tower Cranes and the development of Hydraulic Excavator and their early prototypes. The Hydraulic Excavators were initially based on unsatisfactory Bucyrus Erie designs but once the designers and engineers at Lincoln were allowed to have their head they came up with machines that proved well capable of meeting the demands of the day. The book also features developments within RB’s Lincoln Works as new bays were added to aid production plus a chapter featuring those carriers who hauled the RB machines from the works to customers, including Wimpey, Wynns, Pickfords, Hallett Silbermann, Elliotts and local operator Suthrells Transport. 336 pages, 500+b/w photos & illustrations. hardback. This new book in Peter Robinson’s superb series was delivered into our warehouse on 17th December 2010. A Roundoak book.