Lincoln’s Excavators: The Ruston-Bucyrus Years 1970-1985



This is the fourth and final volume in the illustrious series of books by Peter Robinson on the history of Ruston-Bucyrus and it’s antecendents published by Roundoak.
With the company now under total control of Bucyrus-Erie it’s future was now dictated from elsewhere and eventually, in 1985, the Ruston-Bucyrus company would close.
However, the two decades leading up to closure would see the emergence of some of it’s most memorable products. These included the 71-RB and 61-RB Excavators and their variants; The Cranes and Super Cranes; The Transit Cranes and Hydrocranes built on chassis from Foden, MOL, Faun and others; The Marine Cranes; The 190-4 Dynahoe – a possible challenger to JCB at the time; The 1965-B Mining Shovel and the 380-W, 480-W and 1260-W Walking Draglines – including ‘Little John’, ‘Big John’, The ‘Chevington Collier’ used in opencast mining here in the U.K. by NCB contractors – plus machines exported for use elsewhere.
During this period the company went through both good times, leading to expansion and the acquiring of the old Ruston Boiler Works, and the bad times with it’s recession and redundancies, plus boardroom upheavals and legal challenges by Sir Arnold Weinstock’s GEC. All these events are covered by the author in this volume. 336 pages, 500+ b/w pictures, hardback. In stock.