Wynns Overseas

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When one thinks of the greats in British heavy haulage history, immediately two companies come to mind – Pickfords & Wynns and whilst Pickfords heavy haulage did cross the English Channel into Europe – the red liveried Scammells, Pacifics and Wynns personnel traveled much farther afield. From North America to the Sudan, from Sweden to South Africa, from Cyprus, Kenya to the Marshal Islands the proud name was represented. John Wynn – in his first book to be published under the ROUNDOAK imprint – presents to the reader remarkable images of Wynns working with their Scammell Contractors, Bedford TM 6x4s, other vehicles, trailers & equipment in some of the most arduous conditions ever encountered by the company – especially in the Sudan where rivers were forded, deserts crossed and gullies and tracks climbed and negotiated. The book has a different approach than the previous Wynns titles, attempting to chronicle with illustrations, the contracts undertaken from beginning to end, featuring not only the machines but also the men who made it all possible. It concludes with the strongest possible images of Wynns working abroad – 40 pages of full-colour photographs of some of the most memorable images of Wynn’s men and their machines. ‘In our opinion one of the most compelling books ever produced’ – Heavy Haul News. Landscape format, 144p. 300 b/w & colour illustrations. hardback.